Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I spoke to my 3 year old niece last week on my sisters birthday.... little miss R had some interesting things to say

R - Hi annie teen ( she renamed me before words were her thing). Are you going to die?

J. No

R. Are you going to die?

J. I don't think think so R.

R ( still holding the phone) Mama you say annie you going to die, she says she's not

C. (my sister) I never said annie was going to die.

R. Yes you did, you said annie was going to be really, really old on her birthday.

J laughs hysterically and resumes the conversation with her sister while little miss R. puzzles over the fact that turning 30 does not mean you are going to die.

All this to say, that today on my 30th birthday I feel the same as I did yesterday, so I guess I am not about to keel over. It's the week of J here at the farm, last night we went out for dinner, today are going for a picnic and on Saturday we are having a party. All J, all the time.

P got me a few very cute treats, I will have to show you a picture of the t shirt later this week because describing it just won't do it justice. I am off to knit, play with the puppy and supervise the boy painting our dinning room ceiling.


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