Monday, July 10, 2006

welllllll, (like the well the from the BNL "Bryant street theater" comedy sketch at the end of their Rock Spectacle album)

If you don't know what the title is about I am not going to even begin to explain because I have broken my finger and typing is a bit of a process with only 2 fingers on my right hand that I can use effectively. To make a long story short let's just say that a ladder on a boat and I did not exactly agree on where it should be. It's broken and it hurts and sadly I has planned to spend this week painting and such because the house is slowly but surely nearing a state of temporary completion.

The house still has a long way to go but our carpenter has taken the summer off... so once we get the tiles in and the drywall painted we are stopping till the fall. Actually there is more to do than those 2 jobs but I won't get into it all now. My sad finger and I will do our best to paint and set up the living and dining rooms and then we will take a break.

The worst part of the whole finger thing is no knitting - at least for now as it hurts to much but I can spin in short stints and so I will finally get through all that roving that I got in California. When I get some batteries that work in my camera I will take a picture of the coolest wedding present that I got ( yes it really is only for me). It's a hand woven knitting basket from Shetland made from sea grass, it's amazing and I'm so in love.

One more thing, my fabulous older sister had her birthday yesterday and much to her discontent she's still older than I am. However, even though she is older she is a wonderful sister and frankly I don't think I could have one I loved more if I was allowed to choose one myself ( because you don't to pick your family) ... Happy Birthday C. ( who is sadly blogless, although between work and 2 demanding small people it's not like she has time)

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