Monday, July 17, 2006

Bins, butterflies and birthdays

I know it's quiet here, like super quiet... to really show you why it's so quiet I need a picture but I am blogging from home and that is not a possibility.... Sooo imagine if you will, one of those large green dumpsters that you see outside a construction site, now think about how big one of those dumpsters is and how much stuff you can insert inside something that holds 10 tonnes. Got a good picture of that in your head, right now multiply it by 2 and then you have the picture I need to post. Yes in the last 12 days or so we have filled not 1 but 2 dumpsters and I must say it has been a huge job. The first one was full of stuff that came from inside the house, mostly wood, drywall and flooring. The 2nd one was the remnanats of the stuff from in the house ( it did not all fit in the 1st one) , including the carpets that I pulled up this week and years of stuff that had accumulated in the barn. The house looks better, we are only 2 painting jobs aways from putting rooms back together and we almost have 2 guest rooms ready ( we have 3 but one is not going to be ready in time) Why the huge push to get it done? Well we have a great deal of company coming in August they are all only overlapping for the weekend of our party but it will be a busy place with 11 extra people in it (the kids are sleeping in tents) and then there is our party where only 150 of our nearest and dearest friends are coming to visit for a evening.

I have super abundance of butterflies in my yard and they are so beautiful! I am not sure where they came from or what I planted that they are so attracted to but everyday when I go outside there are a 4 or 5 of them fluttering about outside my front door in the garden, they are lovely to watch and marvel at. I have always enjoyed butterflies because I'm amazed by how something that can be so small and plain can become so beautiful. Between the birds, the frogs and the butterflies I am lovin country life - oh yeah and the fireflies too. Yeah and guess what else, we have tire swings! ( they aren't up yet but they will be soon, I love tire swings)

It's my birthday! P and I were discussing how life has changed so much in the last 12 months and if you has asked me last year were I would be this year I would not of said married to P and renovating a farm house. It's all good though, sometimes I miss the adventure of traveling but I am happy here in my corner of the world, happy and in love. What more could a girl ask for, I really think that being happy is the most important thing in the world.

Alright I must be off, P and I are going for a picnic tonight and since he is working today I have to get the food! Thank God for take out

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