Thursday, July 6, 2006

CJ says I haven't updated this recently enough

Things are busy and I must say that since I am not coming into the city as often I am not blogging as regularly. I can blog from home but it is not very enjoyable as dial up is so slow! So know that I am around even if I am quiet.

P and I have been spending all of our free time trying to get the house under control, after 9 months of reno we finally have most things finished but there is still work that will be finished in the fall and I need to find someone to tile the kitchen/bathroom! Trust me this is not an easy task in the summer! Aside from the floors things are coming along. P started his new job this week and has decided took 1/8 of his million books to his new office - Yippee for extra space in the office.

I have been gardening ( dug a new flower bed and planting where the tulips were) and putting together the monster barbecue that we bought. I really like to barbecue and we decided to go big as the sale price was great and it is a really nice way to cook.

I am helping out a few friends over the summer and playing with their munchkins during the day so I really must be off as they expect me soon. Spending a day in the park is always a challenge...

Oh yeah and I am working on my first toe-up sock but I must say that the progress is slow, not to much knitting time at the moment but I have got some spinning done, I have 2 very full bobbins of singles and just need to ply them - I love spinning!

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