Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The real world

I am heading back into the real world today.... the day after Labor day is the 1st day of school here in Ontario. Mothers are jumping for joy and teachers are drinking lots of coffee to make it through day one. I am sitting at home. I have mixed feelings about my lack of work but hopefully something will come and if not I will get lots of sub work.

I had a great weekend at the cottage and even managed to get in a swim on Sunday. The lake was not as cold as I thought it would be and after throwing someone else off the dock and running for my life I decided to get my suit and head in myself. It was great to be swimming in September in a lake in the Quebec mountains, going to the cottage is something I could get used to.

I hope the mothers out there are enjoying the first day of school and if any teachers need a coffee delivery let me know.

BTW - if anyone reads any Ottawa knitting blogs let me know, I have looked a little and haven't really found any but I know that there are some out there somewhere. I'm looking for some local knitters...

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