Thursday, September 29, 2005

A country girl at heart

I was born and raised on the westcoast of Canada, Victoria is a small city but it is a city none the less. It was never very big or exciting but it was not the country. When I was about 11 I had my first real farm experience when we drove to a family reunion in Saskatchewan. My great uncle still lived on the farm that he and my Nana had been raised on. It was a "real farm" with huge wheat fields, chickens and remnants of the old buildings that my great grandfather had built in the early 1900's. I was in love, I thought that maybe I could used to country life. There was something about the quiet, the peacefulness and the remoteness of the country life that was attractive to a little city girl.

So why the heck am I reminiscing about my childhood dreams of farm life... well fast forward 17 years or so and let me tell you about my my great weekend on the "farm". A friend of mine has a farm outside of the city and last weekend I got hear wolves calling in to each other in the wee hours of morning, saw deer grazing in the field outside the window and mowed the biggest lawn I have ever seen. I know that mowing the lawn is a chore that most people despise but when you get mow a lawn big enough that you do it on a ride-on-lawn-mower it completely changes the experience. Here is little old me, barely tall enough to reach the gas pedal on the mower, burning around on the yard having the time of my life. I was marveling at nature, the great weather and the joy of being in a space so large that if I hollered no one would hear me. I remembered as I was mowing that when I was little I thought country life would be great. It is great and after being in cities with millions of people the space of a farm is even more exciting

In retrospect I wish I had a taken a photo of me on that little red lawn mower so I could share it with you... maybe next time.

Not much to share on the knitting front, just pluggin along but Rhineback is in 15 days ( not that I am counting or anything)

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