Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happiness is...

I stole this post idea from Kristin - who sent me an amazing package of treats that I have still not posted a photo of, sorry - I think it is a great way to post a little reflection on being home.

- Waking up to birds, crickets and morning dew on the grass in the backyard instead of the screeching of horns and the sound of people yelling at each other.
- Long leisurely walks in grassy fields with Tai off her leash ( until the hawks started hunting that is, then she was attached to the leash) and not having to worry about anything running her over.
- Gluten free bread from the grocery store, saves time and tastes better than mine does.
- Becoming settled in my life back in Canada and seeing friends I have not seen 18 months or longer.
- Unpacking and finding clothes in boxes that I forgot I had, it's like Christmas.
- Putting out the word that I am looking for local knitters and finding out that there are some out there, even ones with blogs!
- Public bathrooms that are clean, have soap, hot water and paper towels - in Asia it is always hit and miss, you might get one or two of the 4 elements but never all of them in the same place.
- Being able to stop and ask the first person I see for directions - instead of trying to find someone who might speak English and know what it is that I am talking about.
- Busses that have seats available when you get on.
- Chips and dip, when I want them in normal flavors like plain, instead of seafood, cucumber, lobster or American (which were sweet and salty)
- Freshly picked fall apples, and the thought of Thanksgiving and Halloween just around the corner.
- Cool mornings, warm days and cool evenings, knowing that snow is just around the corner.
- Food that I can eat in restaurants.
- Not having to calculate the time difference every time I want to phone someone.
- Only having to think in one currency.

As you can see I have renamed my blog as well, because the adventure is over but so is the withdrawal. It's "After Asia" in so many ways, my time abroad changed the way that I look at the world and the way that I see things. Sometimes I feel as though I lived a whole life in the time that I was gone. I do miss Asia, sometimes a lot, I miss the excitement and the adventure of all the new things I saw. Yet I'm happy I decided to come home. Great things happen when you least expect them and my Asian adventure was not something I ever expected to occur and then it was fantastic ... there is something to be said for living in the moment and making the most of it.

Shhhh don't tell on me but I have been knitting - details later this week with the photo of my treats from Kristin.

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