Saturday, January 15, 2005


Well yesterday I could see my breath in my living room. It's not really cold according to the temperature but it sure feels it when there is no way to get warm. Well that is not true I can get warm but I have to stay in my bed. The sun is out today for the first time since I got back, there is nothing like 15 days of rain.

I went to the movies last night, I saw Flight of the Phoniex. It was pretty good. I also went grocery shopping and guess what the grocery store got....... GLUTEN FREE PASTA. I was over the moon with excitement. I just brought some back from Canada but this means it doesn't have to be as carefully rationed as it was before and I can eat pasta when I ever I want to. It's kinda expensive but so are all the other imported things that I like to buy. It probably will disappear off the shelves just as I get used to having it but I bought 2 bags and will by more on each trip to stock pile it.

What else can I tell you about, not to much. I am on my way to the laundry mat to dry my clothes (when it is this cold and wet they take days to dry!) This afternoon I am heading out to knit with the girls from work, I am working on a blanket for a baby that was born 2 weeks ago. She should get it by her first birthday. I am also knitting some scarves, one for me and one for a friends partner.

The washer just clicked off so I am going to dry those clothes. See ya

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is the murky voice of your Secret Pal!

First off, prongs for watching Flight of the Phoenix. Hugh Laurie is in that film and he's a brilliant actor!

I have a few questions that hopefully you can write up in a post in the near future:
1) Do you miss anything specific about living in the West? Particular ammenities/comfort foods?
2) In the questionaire you said you wanted to travel. Where in particular?

I love the layout of your webpage, I might add. I'm jealous that mine looks so inadequate to yours.

Much love,
Secret Pal