Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Corn Starch

My dog, is a little bit dumb, actually I call her special but anyway yesterday in her attempt to make mischief she discovered a bag of cornstarch on the shelf.... well I came home to a house full of cornstarch. Needless to say I was not impressed but I cleaned it up and moved on. Well the damn dog did it again today, I don't know where she found it this time because the bag is in the fridge now ( all open things go in the fridge so that there are no bugs!) but there is cornstarch all over the house again. I think that she stashed some somewhere so that she could play again today., regardless htere is cornstarch all over my apartment.... AGAIN and it is a pain in the @#& (this is a G rated blog) to clean up because it is so fine.

Anyway on a brighter note it's Wednesday night and that means 2 more days till the weekend and then 3 more weeks till the Philippines! WooHoo.

I signed up for this great cyberspace gift/treat exchange. It's called secret pals and you get a name of another knitter/blogger somewhere else in the world and then you send them some treats... or at least that is the idea. I think it sounds like great fun, if you knit and have a blog you can sign up All the instructions are there.

Here's to the coming weekend :)

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Outside The Box said...

Hi Justine: Isn't it fun having a puppy. We are surrounded by snow in mild Victoria again, had about 8 inches last week and it is still here, also temperatures below 0, which we don't do well with. Everyone is fine and I now have a camera for the computer. Luv You Mum