Thursday, January 27, 2005

I need a little TLC

Okay I had a bad day yesterday and I need a hug! First my littlest friend who tends to drive me crazy was sent home because he was out of control and I had had enough. Well, the bell the rings and instead of just Grandma who I was assuming would be standing there I saw his DAD (who I have never met) had come to get him. I hope he gets the message that hitting teachers is not acceptable, maybe his parents will figure out that when you have a child who has special needs you need to look at your lives and adjust them accordingly. His mom is a flight attendant and he is often with his Grandma as a result.... It's a long complicated story but he is really a very sweet boy who needs a lot of attention.

Then at the end of the day I was on my way out of the school for a break before my after school class and I was stopped by someone who was with one of my kids. His neighbor had come to get him because his father had passed away during the afternoon. My heart just broke, this is a very sweet boy who has said nothing about his Dad being sick. I wonder how much he really knew, dad had cancer and he has been in the hospital all week. None of us had any idea. Poor kid, he is an only child and his mom is pretty protective so I imagine he has not been filled in on a lot of the details. What do you say to a 6 year old in a situation like this? I don't think he will be at school today but then I would not be surprised if he was.

Okay I have to get moving and go to work. Thankfully it is Friday!

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Anonymous said...

poor sweetie, wish I could give you a hug... Dale posted a new pic of squeakums that should make you smile (and he entered it in the Regis & what-ever-her-name-is-now baby contest?!) now you should be laughing! Miss you, C.