Sunday, November 28, 2004

17 days!

I just wanted to share how many more working days there are until the Christmas break, I can hardly wait. I am looking forward to an eggnog latte and long hot bath!

I had a good weekend, yesterday I went exploring to find some felt for work and discovered amazing yarn stores in the process, well they are actually bead stores that sell yarn. It is really funny to see, there are these signs in Chinese and then in English that say D.I.Y. (do it yourself). Like beading or crafts is up there with plumbing or some other trade, I don't think of a crafts as a DIY activity, just something that is fun to do.

Anyway after that I met up with the gang from work and knit for awhile, I love knitting! On Saturday night I went and saw Alexander at the theater, don't see it. It was okay but I found it to be rather slow, difficult to follow and disjointed. I had high hopes.... oh well I had fun with my friends.

Alright well that's it I am off to work , we are being PC this month and learning about winter celebrations, this week Kwanzaa, next week Hanukkah and after that Christmas. I just want to make potato pancakes and gingerbread for 3 weeks!

have a good week.

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