Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy (American) Thanksgiving

well it's Thursday here, thus if I was American it would Thanksgiving and since I work at an American school it is but we still have to work. We are having lunch today and I am looking very forward to turkey and cranberry sauce, 2 of my favorite things.

In other news... I have been knitting up a storm as Christmas is coming and it seems the whole world is pregnant too. I heard from a high school friend the other day, she is expecting in January, one of the teacher's at school is due in February and I have heard a rumor that one other person in Winnipeg is also expecting but that has yet to be confirmed. Thus the blanket and hat knitting has begun. I am also working on a few xmas gifts and something for the staff gift exchange. I have been branching out and trying new stiches and making up pattern as I go along, I am having fun and I guess hat's all that matters in the long run.

Anyway that's it, gotta go.

Okay just one more comment... I wrote that entry about no comments , over 40 people visited since then... that's it I won't comment on your silence. That's it, I won't say anything else about it, just needed to draw your attention to one last time.


Anonymous said...

how bout a prize for the best comment :)

Outside The Box said...

Hi Justine:

Just to let you know that I check on your blog every day
We are on our way to Celeste's this afternoon, so hopefully will talk to you from there. I just got paid for our coloring book - nice feeling, I'll give you some to take back for your kids. See you in 27 days.