Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whining children are universal

I saw the whiniest child ever the other day, I wish that I had a movie camera. She was about 8 and ready to burst, I have no idea what was happening but I think she should get a prize for the most annoying whine ever. Her mom was patient at first and then started to lose it when her daughter wouldn't stop. Then last night at school I had 2 grade fours who were tired and whiny too... so annoying.

On a completely different note, I found a place on the weekend to walk Tai where I could take her off her leash and actually let her play in the grass, she was very excited to be able to run around without me having to run along side her. The only downfall was that it was by the river and she managed to find a dead fish... yuck! It was pretty old though and as a result not to smelly.

Okay I am off to work... 1 more sleep till the weekend and starting next week I am getting to teach all kindergarten, all the time. They have hired a new teacher and so I have given up my grade 4 class (they are a really tough group) and will just teach Kindergarten. Woo hoo I am very happy about this. I also have plans to go out of the city this weekend on Sunday, to a village that specialize in pottery, that means new pictures and lots of exciting things to tell you.

Have a good day/night/whatever.

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