Saturday, November 6, 2004

knitting anyone

I am happy to say that helped a new knitter today (and refreshed the memory of another)... We will take over the world eventually. I made a scarf for one of the other teachers at work and some others saw it and expressed interest. So today we went off to the other side of the city in search of some yarn and found some! There is a yarn store in Taipei I think there is probably more than one but I was excited to hear about this one.

They had all sorts of exciting things, not a huge selection but enough for the new knitters to find some wool for scarves and also some cool merino and some other really soft fuzzy something that looked great . I don't need any wool at the moment but if I do I know where to go. Then we went to a coffee shop and got the scarves started, everyone is doing well and hopefully they will knit without to much trouble.

I was walking home after and all of a sudden there was this guy beside me and he started to talking to me... it was very funny.
him: Are you from France or England?
me: neither, Canada.
him: Ontario or BC?
me: Ontario, I guess
him: Toronto or Ottawa?
me: Ottawa
him: so you speak French?
me: no
him: are your descendents from England or Ireland?
me: neither my ancestors are from lots of places
him: Oh, Catholicism or Protestantism?
me: catholic
him: are more Canadians catholic or protestant?
me: neither, not to much religion in Canada.
him: so your English teacher
me: no not really just regular teacher.
him: republican or democrat
me: neither Liberal.

And on and on, and on it went until finally there was a spot where I could say that I was turning. It was so weird, apparently in his world there are only 2 choices for everything.

I am off to walk the dog.

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