Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you think that perhaps we have to much wine...

It's 10:15 am, Fudge just brought me a plastic glass full of wine - it took everything I had not to laugh at him. We started buying Naked Grape in boxes recently, smaller footprints, environmental choices and all that jazz. The boys have been told they are not to to touch the boxes, they have both tried it out, playing with the tap portion and moved on. That being said, the box is on the counter in the kitchen, in plain view. I heard Calvin, saying "no Fudge, your going to get in trouble!" but I ignored it, Calvin remembered that they are not supposed to play with it, Fudge disregarded the the warning and went ahead. Wanting to do something nice for me, nothing like a large plastic cup of wine first thing in the morning!

Did I mention that it is a snow day and they are both home all day.

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