Monday, February 9, 2009

My weekend, in pictures

Left to Right

  • P thought burning the house down might be a fun way to start off the weekend, thank God for smoke detectors, we need a new frying pan
  • peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, need I say more
  • We got a new bed this weekend, it was supposed to be a king but the stairs didn't want to play that game so we had to go down a size, it was going to take another 10 days but i came close to tears at the store and all of a sudden there was one for us. Now we have a queen with a king size quilt which is something we had been talking about for awhile anyway.
  • The delivery guys scratched up the stairs, i had to fix the paint, not really their fault it is crappy paint.
  • Calvin went to a cub thing on Saturday, he didn't put on his snow pants and came home with boots so wet they were dripping - I am not sure exactly how this happened, that he got that wet but he did.
  • Wine, Naked Grape in a box = happy
  • It warmed up here yesterday, this fell off our house, that is my foot, a size 8 to give you a sense of how big it is.
  • Clay is good for my monkeys
  • Knitting is good for me, no matter how small the project.
  • more clay, the other boy did that one
  • Board games, also good fun on a Saturday afternoon.

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