Monday, February 2, 2009


Fudge is a character, that's putting it mildly. He is funny, has a wicked sense of humor and has personality to burn. He is always saying things that make us laugh out loud, sometimes you have to be careful because if he catches you laughing he'll keep up the show until all hell breaks lose.

The other day we were sitting at the table, he pipes up that he is going to have a baby ( he knows basic facts of reproduction but apparently was a bit confused). I correct and tell him that he can't have a baby, he is adamant that he can and so we have the sperm and egg conversation again. He says "well how does the sperm get there"? Before I can answer him, he comes up with an answer on his own. I know, it goes out my penis, down my leg, out my toe, across the floor, into the girls shoe, up her leg and into her privates, then the baby grows and comes out her belly button. This proclamation created much giggling between the boys and before we knew sperm was finding all sort of creative ways to travel and it babies were being farted out.

They never did get the correct information, they were far to silly by that point to listen to me but I did by them a body book, not a tell all book but a general book, it's good and has 2 pages on how babies grow but not how they get there... cause we all know it's a toe to toe thing.

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