Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Wednesday but on Thursday because I did not have minute to myself yesterday.

  • It's still winter, I am mostly tired of winter and it is not really even close to over yet.
  • It's Feb., P is a therapist, people are sad and tired of winter and he is very busy, that makes me sad and tired but it happens every year at this time.
  • We went sledding last week, it was super fun, the boys were impressed that I got on a sled too.
  • We bought a new bed last week, it comes tomorrow, I am beyond excited about it, yes it's just a bed but a nice bed and I thin that this is first time I have ever actually gone out and bought the bed I wanted. Shopping for it with Calvin and Fudge was amusing to say the very least.
  • I yelled at Calvin this morning over something really dumb, Calvin loses it when we yell at him. I feel bad but I am human and he was really pissing me off. I will not be surprised when the school calls and tells me he has hurt another kid and needs to come home.
  • My GP is driving me crazy, anyone local know a reasonably competent dr. who is taking patients, I know that is a rare occurrence in Ontario but I thought I might ask.
  • I am in a knitting funk, to tired to follow a pattern but I have been spinning some this week.
  • The school board has still not taken me out of the computer and my cell phone keeps ringing with requests for me to go and teach.
  • My day today needs to include talking to almost every member of the team that supports the boys as we try to iron out the last of the adoption details.
  • My coffee cup is empty, I need to make something else hot to drink because it is winter and cold.
  • The boys have decided that making tea for us is a good idea, I mostly support it but I am a bit concerned about Fudge and the kettle, it might end badly.
  • I think I should make tea and go spin, it will calm me down.

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