Friday, October 5, 2007

yep, it was a moment

I got up this morning, got organised grabbed the lunch container from the fridge and put it in my lunch bag, the lunch that i packed with care from last night dinner that P made me. It was a good dinner and I was looking forward to lunch today. I got all the small people eating and then opened my lunch bag to get out my lunch. Looks good

Till I opened the container and realised that I had grabbed the peppers that I roasted for tonight's pizza rather than my lunch... rice crackers and gluten free muffins it is then, lucky me.

There has been some knitting for small people happening and some holding of small people and a little forced modeling of unfinished gifts - doesn't he look impressed, I am sure he will like it more when it doens't have needles attached that can poke him!

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy the weekend.

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