Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September in photos

it appears that blogger hates me again today and refuses to post any photos, I have aome great one but you will have to wait, so much for trying to be a good blogger and actually add something to my blog!

Right then, never mind, here they are like magic!

This is Sidney, we kept him and he is rather fascinated by all the tomatoes that we have been canning, we were busy last night and he really anted to play withthe tomatoes

A fall sunset in our field, I love living in the country

She still needs ahome and she is the last one, any takers?

Gainful employment that involves fingerpainting is a good thing, fingerpainting and newborn babies 9 more about him later)

Fall colours in my driveway, it's all good! I am off to Jo's to be fed and then home to pick more tomatoes... they are never ending!

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