Monday, October 22, 2007

steeks, knitters and bloggers, oh my

Let try again, with words and links to go with all these pics!

So on Friday morning Sarah, Tara and I got in my car on drove like the wind, we made it there in time for dinner with Cate and a little non fiber realated shopping, well that is not true cashmere was bought but someone else in a factory in China knit it up into sweaters, it was very nice of them to sell them so cheaply at Marshalls for us.

After dinner Cate managed to find the delicate balnce between not enough and too much wine in order to cut the steek in her OMG fabulous sweater. There was a variety of reactions, there were a few women who were shocked and really didn't believe that she would do it till she did.

I finally got to meet Crystal

and Lucia who looks a little shocked in this picture

But Cate pulled it off without a hitch. It was also Kate's birthday but sadly I did not get a picture of that as I was busy fighting with my sock ( it has been frogged) . There was also Sara, and Norma and lots of other great women, one of whom has a picture of my sheep PJ's - I was done with my clothes but felt that i had to wear something in the lobby of the hotel.

I got to hold the Wooly Babe, in Amy fashion, I told my ovaries to shut up because it is so not happening! but she was nice to hold and then give back!

There were other canucks to visit with, Leanne and Steph were just some of them.

There were animals, lots of them including a sheep in the back of a station wagon but none of us were fast enough to get a picture.

There was a party, with an open bar! Amazing, I don't think I need to link this one to anything.

Sarah did some supid party tricks at the bar but

waited unitl she got back to the hotel to tag team the tricks with Danielle

I think they both just wanted to show off their socks!

Kay gave the wooly babe her first needles,

I bumped into Denise again (I saw her the day before too at the blogger meetup) on my way back after going tire shopping - it so wasn't in my plans for the afternoon, it meant that I did not get to hear Steph or see the hat escapade - sad but true

And at the end of the day when we could walk no more and realised that we had not eaten since breakfast we sat down with some other bloggers - lots of stroking and admiring of fiber resulted. This is Alison and Rachel, I missed the pouting picture but (Dr.) Steph got it. After that we headed back to the car, Steph, Juno and David are parked right behind us and so we chatted for awhile, took pictures of them exhausted on the ground but I won't post them as mine are awful, (try Sarah's blog), shared our popcorn so Steph would not eat her soap and then after a final giggle got in the car to head home, tired but happy - with a trunk full of yarn that was going to make it across the border because I have new tires!

Still to come - the wheel I didn't get to buy and the all the stuff I did!

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