Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm not here, I'm there

Where is there you may ask? There is in Victoria but I couldn't say anything because I was surprising R for her 16th birthday. I got here on Saturday morning and am staying through this week as my Dad's birthday is tomorrow and Mother's day was yesterday. It was a good week to come.
I have winners in this years blog contest. Thanks for all the great links! Malva and Lo Sing are the lucky randomly drawn winners ( my mom and sister helped). If you send your snail mail address to me bagknitter(at)yahoo(dot)ca I will get those out in the mail when I am back in Ottawa.

The was some stash enhancing today at Beehive, just one thing but it was one really fantastic thing ( because my sister is fabulous and split it with me). I was sad that they did not have it in a shade of blue but I'll love the red just as much I am sure.

Alrights, that's it. I'll be back when I am land locked again.

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