Thursday, April 26, 2007

Teaching moments

So I taught all week in the same inner-city school that I often work in. All the same things went on, I was pinched, kicked, hit and shouted at by angry, unhappy small people who really deserve better than there lives are giving them at this point. It was a long week and I am exhausted but as I supervised recess today I had to laugh, a small waif of a kid came running toward at full speed and behind her was a much larger child from her class (grade 1) not running nearly as fast screaming across the school yard "Come here so I can kick your ass!" Luckily the smaller kid ran a lot faster than the big one and she ran straight into my arms. Once I regained my composure (stopped laughing my face off) I dealt with the situation and took the class inside. As soon as the final bell rang I happily ran through the school sharing the brillant line with all the other staff, it was a much need laugh after a very long day.

Since some of you come here looking for knitting content, there is some but I am to tired to share it today... it will come soon.

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