Friday, April 20, 2007

It's all here now

It's my Mom's birthday, Happy Birthday to a fabulous woman who loves me even though after 30 years I still mix up the actual day of her birthday, I blame in on the fact that I had lots of friends who have April birthdays as a kid... I did get most of her present in the mail in time this year though if that counts for anything.

I have finished P's felted clogs from the Fibre Trends pattern, yes they are that big his feet are size 13. He is never, ever getting socks from me.
I got treats in the mail from Ms. Stitch-dom as she is celebrating her blogiversary, I got this great fleece artist roving and this scarf book.
I finished Clapotis, it is not the same size as the pattern but I am really happy with it. It is knit with some handspun silk from Blue Mountain Spinnery (no website). I have also begun knitting a baby kimono as well as a few other baby gifts but their parents read my blog so there are not going to be any photos until they have been gifted.
Winter has finally left and now the all the flowers in my front garden have a chance to actually survive, unless we get some more random snow but I think we are finally safe.

And the best part of spring is sheets on the line, yippee for sun and wind.

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