Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Happy Belated Easter - We were in a restaurant on Sunday morning for brunch and the family at the table across from us was just finishing when mom mentioned that she needed to visit the washroom, Dad asks Mom to go quickly as he would like to get home for something and the young son shouts out as she walks away, "run like your a pregnant woman" to which the whole restaurant responds to by laughing hysterically. It was a good moment especially since the restaurant was packed since it was Easter.

P and I spent the majority of the weekend trying to get some of our many reno projects finished. We are getting close to finally being finished and aside from needing tons of paint, varnish and refinished floors we are almost there. I am excited to be in the home stretch. I also finally tiled our kitchen backsplash with tiles that our friends painted at our wedding reception, photos will follow another post.

I finished Clapotis and am happy with the end result, it is more square than the original pattern asked for but I was running out of silk, I actually only had about 2 inches left as I cast off the last stitch. It's soft and lovely to wear. I also finished P's Fiber Trends felted clogs, they are huge as he has huge feet but they look good. You will have to trust me one the knitting as there are no photos of those things either.

I am off to paint closets, the fun never ends around here.

PS 3 year blogversery contest coming soon... with some good treats to be had

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