Saturday, March 3, 2007

Random thoughts

I made it to CA in one piece but it was a long trip. I got stuck in last Saturdays - lets shut down the Chicago airport storm - I made it out through Washington and got the last seat on a plane to SF, it was a long middle of the night flight but I made it.

On Sunday we made the trek (with cute kidlets) to Stitches West - YIPEE! I enhanced my stash with some socks that rock, a sweater kit from Webs and some fantastic silk. There will be pictures as soon as I get that organised.

I have also done a little shopping this week, me and my friend Target hung out as well as a visit to Stash and Article Pract. I was impressed with the vast selection in both stores, however the staff ( one nasty lady in particular) at Article Pract left something to be desired. Why is it that staff insist on shouting at you instead of just pointing out that they would prefer you not look at that particular book collection. I tried to find and email address so I could let the owner of the store know what happened and I how I felt but their website has no email addy. It's sad because I think that a fabulous store like that does not deserve to have a bad rep because it's staff are nasty. I was a little comforted by the fact that there are some other folks in the Bay Area who feel the same way.

okay, enough ranting - I have pics on my camera to post and need to take some of all the new fibre as well as the secret knitting that is not secret anymore. I am knitting a rainbow stripped sweater for my niece, I am on the 2nd sleeve and hopefully will get it finished in the next few days along with the sock that only needs about 10 more rows of ribbing.

PS Louise - got sock yarn, 2 skiens and tell Sarah I got her patterns as well, chocolate to follow soon.

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