Saturday, February 24, 2007


Well it's not sunny here but I am on my way to some sun this afternoon. I have planned a rather last minute trip to go see my sister in California for 2 weeks. I leave this afternoon. Between now and when I go I have about 50 things to do do and sadly a proper blog post is not on the list anywhere so this will have to do for now.

I worked all week, we painted the office and last night I taught my last knitting class. The purses are not quiet finished but they just need straps and another kind knitter has volunteered to do that with the girls next week. We also pulled a few moms in and I think that they are hooked as well. Not much knitting has been done but there are felted slippers and scarf photos that will be taken as soon as the sun is up here ( I'll post them from CA). I am off to pack and run errands before I go to the airport where my 8 hours of knitting time will commence.

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