Monday, February 5, 2007

nothing to say

It's -39 here with the windchill today, I'd rather be on this beach in South Korea, actually I would rather be on a beach anywhere where the temp. would rise above zero on a daily basis. I don't mind winter but when your damp hair freezes after only 20 seconds outside you know that it is cold.
It's been quiet here in my world lately and thus lack of posts, there is nothing to exciting to say. I am sitting at Bridgehead with this lovely blogger, she's knitting, I'm typing. She is headed to the other side of the world on Sunday and we thought we should see one another before she left. We went here for dinner, it was fabulous.
hmmm what else... there is some secret knitting going on, so I won't say anything about that. I have started a new shawl (specs later) and also have the last few rows on my "berry scarf" in Noro and a sock on the go - along with P's never ending sweater, it will get finished eventually but there is a lot of him and therefore a lot of sweater as well.
I've been teaching more these last few weeks thus have been busy. I still wish that I had something full time but since the chances of getting a classroom in the Ottawa Valley are slim to none I guess I should just be happy that people are calling me to supply teach at all because I know some people who have given up and are working at *Star*bucks.
I made some AMAZING brownies this weekend, you can find the recipe here. If you have a chance look around her blog, her recipes are amazing. We have tried a number of them and are always impressed with the results. The gluten free part is bonus!
See look a whole post and really I haven't said anything at all.

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