Thursday, March 22, 2007

My pirate* can pick locks

So, after a few long months P is completely back on his feet and is healthy as a horse once again. He has recently rented his own office space here in our end of of he world and hung out his own shingle. We spent part of last week setting up the new office and when we arrived with the new keys in hand to hang pictures and such we discovered that we had been given the wrong key and thus were standing in the waiting room - locked out. So what does P do, he whips a credit card out of his wallet and inserts into the door and pops the lock - I was impressed, I am not sure if I want to know where and why he learned such tricks but they do on occasion come in handy. We did hang the pictures and now we have the correct keys so that no more credit cards need be harmed.

In other news, well there really is no other news. I've spent some time with a variety of lovely ladies ( this one shared her ball winder with me - thanks again) over the last week, but really I have nothing exciting to tell you - maybe one of their blogs will prove to be a little more interesting. I am supply teaching/looking for a job as usual and enjoying the fact that the little snow that we had has almost all melted and even though it is after 7 pm it is still light out.

I am knitting, but I have no pictures so I can't even entertain you with that. But oh, I can point you in the direction of an amazing gluten free pizza crust -it was perhaps the best gf pizza I have ever made and it even tastes good cold (which is really hard with gf things). I doubled it and made us 2 lovely pizzas on Saturday. I also purchased this breadmaker while I was in CA as it has a gluten free setting and I am impressed. Other gf bloggers had talked about it and I am glad I brought it home - it makes gf bread an easier process.

* You have to meet P and buy him a beer to get the (true) pirate story out of him but as others have said before - it is a good one and I am impressed that his pirate abilities extend beyond just ships.

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