Sunday, March 11, 2007

too much

I have too much stuff - yes me. I have in CA for 2 weeks and I am afraid that I have more than I can fit in the bags I brought, even though I thought ahead and brought and extra one. So when all else fails break our the rubbermaid! It is small enough to take on the plane but sadly not big enough

for all this wool! This is some of my stash form stitches West and a few other stops along the way and there is no way that this is going to fit in the this box. My sister had a good laugh watching me trying to get it all in

I figure with a little duct tape we should be fine, the lid kinda fits and considering there is a breadmaker, cushions for my dinning room chairs ( they are insanely expensive in Canada) and a few balls of wool stuffed in for good measure.

Okay so what is the wool you ask... there is an abundance from Webs (Valley Yarns Berkshire) to make a fabulous sweater for myself, some Socks that Rock cotton candy (2 skeins) and some amazing silk to make a shawl (2 skeins) from Blue Moon Spinnery

I have also got some more knit picks needles (I'm addicted to my options set and wanted the smaller ones as well) and bug finger puppet pattern book that was on clearance. Along with Knitting Vintage Socks, slipper bottoms from Fiber Trends, mobile knitting bag from Know Knits and last but not least this years sticker from the STR club - my sister joined and is sharing with me because she is fabulous. I know that some Canadians are still waiting for their box so I won't post a picture of what I got just yet but I love the pattern.

There are more pictures and all the lionks to put in but my Internet connection is not very good and I figure I better post this before I lose it all together.

PS I am currently at Lake Tahoe - yes I came to CA and drove 3 hours to get to some snow, seems crazy but my family really wanted to ski and since they had a built in sitter it seemed like a fabulous plan. I'll be back inthe Bay area tomorrow and home in the great white north on Tuesday

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