Saturday, January 24, 2009

me again

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Two things – this is a porcupine in our front yard and the K is not really working on my keyboard so you may notice it missing on occasion!

Things around here have settled into the organized chaos that I think is my life with children. We are getting back into routines after the chaos was that 6 weeks of Christmas (we celebrate twice). My parents came for Christmas 2.0 in January and then stayed for the boys baptism. It was a good visit and Fudge and Calvin really enjoyed having grandparents to spoil them and take them places that I would not normally go.

The rest of our life is busy but good and as I settle into routines, again this is one of the routines that I need to get back into. I was motivated to blog today because I heard some news yesterday from a dear friend and I was thrilled. Nevertheless, since she has not blogged about it yet and it is not my news to share I can’t really say anything. I was hoping perhaps she may have posted about but she hasn’t so I’ll keep my mouth shut for now (I do have a great post in my head about it when I can share it).

There is some knitting going on, a little (very little bit of spinning) some dreaming about the garden, some moving of furniture and reorganizing some spaces and a lot of laundry. It amazes me the amount of laundry that 2 small boys produce!

I’ll take some pictures of the knitting soon and be back.

PS - the boys have been here for 6 months today - amazing huh

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