Wednesday, June 6, 2007

if you are here for knitting

you may as well go now as I have nothing to show you today! I have been knitting but I have no pictures. Just like I have been gardening and seeds are sprouting but I have no pictures. However I do have pictures of birds and butterflies. These wee robins are from a nest right beside the clothesline. Every time I go to hang laundry out these 2 robins go insane and act as though they are being murdered. I was motivated to find out why they were freaking out and so I went on a bit of a search... and look what I found. I plan on checking on them often and I'll keep you posted. We have a few other nests with
other types of birds but they are not as easy to get too.
We also have heaps of butterflies and moths at the moment. They are harder to photograph but every now and then I manage to get one.
And the laziest dog ever! Last night while I was taking pictures of food for the other blog ( there are a few good gluten free recipes up there - rhubarb crisp and the best pizza dough) Chudder decided that she was thirsty but I guess standing up would be to much work so she dragged herself over to the water and had a drink - she is insane.

I'll be back with knitting later this week... I promise.

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