Thursday, October 27, 2005

No one will hire me

Please excuse the regularly scheduled post about my current knitting projects, I need to throw a small pity party for myself.

Sung to the tune of " Nobody Likes Me"

No one will hire me,
So no one can fire me,
How am I gonna pay my bills, big ones, small ones, late ones, early ones - loans comin outta my ears.

Nobody wants me,
Nobody needs me,
I'm gonna keep on typin, resumes, letters, references, emails - I hate all these things.

Nobody like me
Everybody hates me
I'm gonna go drink Lattes.

- an original song written by a tired and frustrated unemployed teacher known in blogland as J.

I am know off to drown my sorrows in a Maple Latte and will be back later with a knitting photo, (I have a lot of free time on my hands) and hopefully feeling a little less sorry for myself.

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