Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mmmm Maple

Okay so everyone is talking about Rhinebeck, I need to tell you about the Maple Latte from Starbucks. I had one today and I am addicted, they have a lovely maple flavour and come with whip cream and maple syrup on top, someone else has been going on and on about Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I think that these are better, sorry to those of you who can't try one, I think they are only available in Canada... they better stick around, they rate up there with Eggnog Lattes and I am so sad that you can only get those at Christmas.

So as if you all haven't read enough about the weekend in NY, here's another post. I had a fabulous time. We went with a car full of virtual strangers but there was no problem getting to know one another - amazing what happens when you are stuck in a car together for 9 hours. I think that fun was had by all and I must say that P was an amazing sport about the whole event. Here are some photos from the festival, when I charge my camera batteries there will be pics of my new stash, I did not buy to much but I stroked a lot and am dreaming of things to buy later when I have job.

Sheep... I think I need some myself

Can you spot the bloggers

Tara ( who has a great synopsis of our trip and links to many of the people we met up with), Me Christine and someone whose name escapes me at the moment

She was not to happy that we (3 of us all at once) took this, would you believe me if I told you that the bags belonged to someone else... No, I didn't think so

Spinning lessons, I watched so that when my spindle (cause she is sweet enough to send me one) arrives in the mail I'll be able to use it

not suprising there are more sheep pictures... we also saw

some of these... I'll reserve my comments

oh look here are some more, they're everywhere.

It was amazing, the friends I finally got to meet in person, the eats, the fiber, it was all just great. Many of the folks mentioned here have great details on their blogs - I am in a bit of a hurry today, sorry if I left people out, well not if I know that I did!

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