Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Autumn mornings

are beautiful and my camera hardly does them justice. But it will have to do for today. I am spending this sunny Wednesday morning catching up on my blog reading ( there has not been to much of it lately), chasing Tai as she is up to no good at every chance she gets and enjoying some leftovers from dinner last night. It is nice to be able to cook again in a full sized oven with ingredenets that are easy to purchase and don't cost half a days pay. On Monday I made some great roasted veggie pizza and yesterday I made Starvin Guy Chicken Pie, it's a recipe from Looneyspoons and it is one of my favorites. I have to make a number of modifications to make it gluten free but it still tastes amazing.

The rest of my day is not as exciting as as my last 2 hours, I am off to do a little cleaning up, delivering of resumes to schools (so I can get some subbing work) and a trip to the cell phone store to nicely tell them that they are a bunch on twits (I will try to maintain my composure but sometimes that can be a challenge when dealing with someone who keeps tell you that you must be mistaken your phone works just fine). Then I get to go to Physio and exercise my grouchy thumb. I think that my morning of sunrises, yummy food and blog reading will keep me sane in the midst of a crazy day.

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