Thursday, August 25, 2005


I had Tai spayed last week and I am not sure who it has been harder on, me or her. She is now recovering nicely and will have her stitches out on the weekend but I found the whole event to be traumatic. She developed a small infection and had to go back to the vet this week but the antibiotics have made a huge difference.

In other news I am still struggling with my sore hand, it's a long story but to make it short I hurt it goofing around with the dog in the spring. It has hurt on and off all summer and I am finally going to physio for it.... the physio told me I can't knit. I know it's a tradgedy, I am not fully listening to her but am restricting myself to a hat on the mornings that I am commuting into town on the bus. Hopefully the physio will help and I will have some more projects on the go soon.

The dog is desperate to go out so I'll have to stop there for now, I'll fill you on my Asian withdrawal symptoms another time

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