Monday, May 24, 2004

My very own top 10 list

Top 10 Reasons to Ride the Subway in Seoul

10 - You don't need to buy a stairmaster or gym membership, you can just run up and down the stairs to catch a train.

9 - It is so far underground that it would be the safest place to be in the case of nuclear war.

8 - If you ride during rush hour you may be in train do crowded that your feet will actually never touch the ground, the crowd holds you up.

7 - When the train is packed with people and it draws near to your stop you always seem to make your way to the doors on the wrong side, you have pushed and shoved your way to the left doors and then the ones on the right side open.

6 - You can tell by the smell who has recently eaten squid and drunk to much soju, you don't sit beside them becasue they may throw up on your shoes.

5 - You can achieve that great windswept hair look by standing in the subway station and waiting for a train to come, the wind is that strong.

4 - Koreans hire people to pick up the garbage from on the subway tracks. (photo to come soon)

3 - You can buy everything you need in the subway stations, you can actually live in the subway without ever leaving.

2 - You can watch Korean commercials and cartoons on the TV's, the ones that where they try to make you cry are the best.

1- For about 80 cents you can get anywhere in the city.

All here is okay, things are busy this week as I am doing unit tests and planning for next month. I had a great weekend of sight seeing though. On Friday I went to Olympic Park, it was fun to see. On Saturday I went to see the reenactment of the changing of the guards at one of the palaces and yesterday I saw to Seoul's version of Beverly Hills and to a great Buddhist temple, it was a busy weekend but I had a great time.

Hope you are all well... there will be more photos soon as I have been taking tons.


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