Monday, May 24, 2004

Graham has to learn a new country name

Hello all,

Guess what, I am moving to Taiwan! I accepted a job teaching kindergarten and Language arts to primary students in Taipei. The school sounds great, the money is great and I get 5 weeks of paid holidays. If you are wondering about the subject line of this email it is in reference to my friend Lori’s son who knows to places on the world map, Canada and South Korea, he’ll learn one more soon enough. I leave June 3rd and start working on the 7th. I am really excited, if you want to see the school for yourself you can go to the website there is a great hopping kangaroo on the flash version and if you click on the photos they will open in new window so you can actually see them. Oh and funky little bit of small world phenomenon the VP at the school is from Ottawa.

Okay so although I have been very preoccupied with the whole job thing I have managed to have some fun in the last two weeks. My roommate has been busy trying to get in all those last minute things before she leaves for home tomorrow! They went to club night last night but given my current plague status ( I have a horrible cold) I stayed home and tonight we are going out for dinner and there has been a lot of shopping too.

So last weekend I spent Saturday shopping with my friend Lexi, we just bombed around the city with nothing particular in mind but it was fun. Then out for dinner and drinks with some other friends, I eat out way more here then I ever did at home. The shopping here is always great and the city is so big that I can choose a new place to shop every weekend if I want too. Me shopping every weekend…. Why would I want to do that???? Actually although I have done a heap of trips to shopping areas I haven’t bought that much stuff, honest!

On Sunday a big group of us went to Everland for the day, Everland is a large theme park that like every theme park was expensive and crowded but a lot of fun none the less. I think the best part of it was that all the different sections are based on different countries in the world, USA, Switzerland, Africa and so on. The USA was funny, it was from the50’s and had statues of the Elvis and Marilyn and other50’s folks along with a few vintage cars. It was interesting to see how another culture interprets other countries.

When were in the Africa section we went on this animal safari tour in this bus to see lions and tigers and bears, OH MY. But we did actually see lions and tigers and bears, it was the oddest collection of animals. In one section there were African animals including a Liger, what is a liger you ask? It is what happens when a lion and tiger breed, I am not kidding, I didn’t get a photo but I wish I had as it was pretty cool to see. Then we went through this big gate and there were black bears everywhere, they had heaps of bears and they waved and such when the driver threw them food. It was like being in Gatineau Park only with the element of fear that the bear might come after you. Surrounding the bears were teepee’s, I’m not kidding, how they link Africa and teepee’s I am not sure but it was interesting none the less.

We came home exhausted and sunburnt that night but it had been a fun day, my favorite was the log ride, I love the water rides. This past week has been long as I have been sick but it is Saturday again and so I will spend the day on the couch watching TV and drinking tea. Hopefully I will be better by Monday as there are no sick days when you are short one teacher. Our poorly organized school had 2 months to find a replacement for Lisa and didn’t managed to get organized in time and so he is not coming for another week or so and thus we have to cover her classes, They would frown upon my saying I needed a sick day.

Anyway I should be off. Hope you are all well, take care.

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