Sunday, May 23, 2004

I made it in one piece

Hello everyone,
I made it here in one piece and have just barely begun to settle in. After 17 hours on the plane I waited an hour at the airport for my ride and then spent and hour and half in traffic in order to get to the school which we did 10 minutes before it closed. I met the teachers and at the directors urging called my parents and woke them up at 4 in the morning, yes the time difference between here and Ottawa is 14 hours but between here and the coast is 17... sorry again Dad
It is now 7:30 on Saturday morning, I am exhausted although I did sleep my body decided it was time to get up around 4. As I sit I am waiting for the tea to be ready... I am so happy that I brought things like that from home because it means it is on less thing to learn about in the next week.
I don't start teaching until the first monday in March but i have orientation next week, the other teachers say I am lucky because I have an amazing schedule with really small classes but I as I have nothing to compare it to I can't really tell you much about it till I start. The politics at e school seem a little intense, I walked into a huge argument between the director of the school and my roommate over apartment access, (the school wants the access code for the door and she will not give it to them, now i am sure they will ask me instead, lucky me) and there seem to be other issues around to but it seems like all shall be well in regards to the school and the teaching aspect of my days.
Hang on, I must get some tea!
Okay that is so much better, the milk here is weird, it is so creamy... i will have to look into that further later as I am used to skim but anyway... Okay so the apartment is on this little tiny road that is barley big enough to drive down and then here is little building with 8 or 10 apartments in it and it's a walk up ( mike and lori, and I almost died with that red bag), I had a lot of stuff to carry up. So I met my roommate she's from Labrador and has been Korea for a year and half. The apartment is small but I have my own room and it is bigger than some other rooms I have lived in so I am not complaining. Although I am in the middle of the city I have not heard any noise from outside, I thought it would be so loud! Things that apartment does not have... a bathtub!!!! I knew that was possibility but I as so sad... I will be finding hotels occasionally when desperate for a long hot soak. There is no oven and the cooking utensils are sparse but I have plans to change that as soon as possible. I will be investing in toaster oven so I can bake brownies, pizza and cookies as soon as I can get around to it. The light switches are in hard to find laces like behind the fridge for the bathroom and I still have not found the one for the living room. I do have a TV and VCR and from the sounds of it you can rent movies and watch English shows. Aside from the occasional moment when I think I have lost my mind by moving half way around the world by myself ... I think that things are going to be good once the culture shock wears down a little and I learn how to get from the school to my apartment and inside ( the password is elephant and there are no keys... strange) the apartment without getting lost then I will be little more confident. Iwill write again soon and tell some great stories I hope, till then take care and be happy that when you want to park your car you do not have to drive it into a car elevator that takes you down to the parking garage, I was really concened about getting stuck in the car in an elevator.... anyway I miss you all already.

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