Thursday, October 23, 2008

rhinebeck '08 ( how's that for creative!)

Before I blather on about my weekend, as a small boy in my house turned 7 recently and I neglected to blog it - mostly because it was a brutal parenting weekend but I have recovered and the grandparents expect at least one picture! This is Fudge at a friends house on his birthday which was also thanksgiving - we were busy! His party is this weekend, so there should be more pictures.
Frankly there is not to much to say about Rhinebeck that hasn't already been said. It was a great weekend and I enjoyed every single moment of it - except the massive crowds on Saturday. There were tons of smiling faces there and I took few pictures but here are some - like 4 because frankly I did not remember to take my camera out of my bag enough and when I did the pictures were less then stellar - so here they are in no particular order
I could save this one for Saturday sky but I won't, Sandy already saw it. I took it on our way to Tivoli to have dinner with a bunch of great ladies and Mr. Celia - we got a little lost due to the beauty of the sky but we got there eventually.

Celia came from CA and this is Keri ( Jeanie designer) at the raverly meet up, I also have pics of Steph and a few other folks but posting bad pics is never nice - so imagine them there - well unless you know them really well and stupid pictures and bad ones are not the same thing at all.We stayed at the Mariott in Poughkepsie, it was quiet there this year but ther were friends to knit with( I know I didn't get you all but that is it for the link fest!). And of course I was there with Sarah and Jo - I have stupid picture collection of Sarah going, I like this one.

Our room didn't have a fridge - we improvised - Canadians with knitting and cold beer ( or in my case coolers)are happy.
stay tuned for birthday parties, boy antics and perhaps some knitting as well

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