Wednesday, October 1, 2008

more antics

Most days start out really pretty around here, I enjoy the silence while I am the only one awake and the some mornings there is a beautiful sunrise to start my day. But before I know it the boys have to be out the door to make it to the bus. Then it seems as though I never have enough time to get everything done before they come home. Last week I was getting stuff done after school, the boys were outside, I thought they were playing on the hammock - they weren't
They were colouring the deck for me, funny I didn't know that it needed colouring
Then they washed the deck - the tooth brushes were very effective - and all I could find! Red and Blue come off easily but there is still some purple and green out there.

Last weekend we went to Toronto for a wedding, much fun was had by all. We spent lots of time swimming in the hotel pool and had a fun trip to the ROM. The boys also found the subway and streetcars thoroughly entertaining - so exciting in fact that Fudge left his jacket on one!

Tonight I am off to Cub camp with Calvin, nothing like a night outside in 0 degrees to make you love your nice warm house. I have new hand knit socks to wear ( I finished them awhile back but didn't post them) - yipee for socks!

PS - I know where I'll be the 3rd weekend in October and I know some others who will be there too- anyone else coming to play.

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