Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rhine -what...

Well as we all know I did not get to Rhinebeck this year, sad but true. It sounds like it was good and I must say that I'm more sad about the friends I could of seen then I am about the wool I could of bought. Alas life will go, I should is going on. I have been working everyday lately, great for the money but with both P and I working full time evenings and weekends are busy and my blog is suffering as a result. I took today off to catch up on a few important things and to apply for a job that I think wasn't really a job but was posted anyway - this is so often the way in the teaching world.

Aside from the ongoing job issues life is good. I spent a fun filled weekend in Toronto, there was no wool but it was a blast none the less. I went down to meet up with a group of friends from the Welcome Home ( a inner city mission in Winnipeg), they were people I lived with and worked with during an amazing time in my life. Anyway, we got together on Saturday and chatted about common people and friends and good times were had. I also got to stay with a few friends I just don't see enough of, it's sad they live in Toronto. We went to go and see "Little Miss Sunshine" and laughed so hard we were crying. Go see it if you can and if not rent the DVD - I can't explain why I laughed so hard... you need to see it.

And since I can't post without a little fiber related news

A picture of Tigger from our dying party ( I meant to post it earlier but forgot), that girl can spin!

My recently finished Jester hat, modeled by vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll that still blows strawberry kisses after 20 odd years.

I was inspired by this Knitty article, I took apart my rainbow sweater and felted it. It fits much better now and I just need to seam it back together.

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