Friday, October 6, 2006

Dye party Part I

Yes we gathered, we dyed yarn, we had fun. I have had a long week, some tough teaching days and now a pinched nerve in my neck. You get pictures but no captions. Jo ( whose link is in the post below) has another cute pic on her blog. The kittens were a success to say the very least and I don't want to hear about how mean I am for letting my cats kill mice - we live the country, we have mice - we got cats to deal with the mice.

In order to dye wool. wool must be in skiens... there was much winding going on.

Kool-Aid anyone, there was a lot of wool and sadly we ran out of some of the best colours of Kool-aid early on but we still got lots of great colours

Waiting to be baked. We did some in the oven and some in the microwave.

And then we also dyed a number of skiens in natural dye - we used golden rod and marigold flowers with alum as the mordant. It worked REALLY well.

Grren and blue kool-aid

More Kool-Aid drying.

Kittens were held

and held some more

Yes it is upside down, the yellow roving was from golden rod/marigolds. the rainbow and pink are Kool-Aid on merino that I got in CA last winter and on the end is cotton dyed in Rit dye - I ended up with 2 large hanks and I really like it. There was also some tye dying that went on of wool and clothes with Tigger but my camera died.

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