Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Proof that I really do have a house in mid reno for those of you who were starting to doubt it

this ladder and I good friends, we are so close that I was willing to let it hold ( if only for a minute) my new knitting basket, wool ( some lovely mohair) and my recent spinning. The ladder is living in the bathroom today as I try to get the rest of it painted and the basket was a gift from a friend - she had it shipped from Shetland, it's made from sea grass and smells amazing

this is the tub to go in the bathroom once I get it painted and get the floor in... I refinished it over the last few weeks and finished yesterday, except for covering up the white enamel I got on the the outside

ignore the mess admire the logs.... the mess will go soon

but I think that I have enough Home Depot bags to wall paper a room - look there is furniture in the living room, i have to get it looking a little more like a living room this week

Happy news, the kitchen is finished ( well the floor isn't in but it will be soon. I put in the tall cabinet on the left on Sunday, it's even mounted to the wall. I am rather proud of my self

This was last weeks project, the knitting room! the floor needs to be painted ( not for awhile though) and all the bathroom stuff is living in it at the moment but it looks good and I am excited to have a room to store my wool and sewing stuff

with all the painting and house stuff my flowers are sadly neglected... the are blooming but they need a little TLC.

I am in the city running errands and really must get on it. It's hot here, really hot and running errands in AC seemed like a good idea. Then it is home to paint

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