Monday, November 28, 2005

Well, life could be a little more interesting

Well I could tell you all sorts of wonderful things about snow, puppies in the snow and lovely rural life BUT the reality of the situation is that the puppy hates the cold and is not to keen on the snow ( she refuses to go and has taken to running away so she can pee on the new carpet every time we try to get her out the front door). Tai is indifferent to the weather and I am hoping that she adjusts the snow without to much trauma. As a result of the lovely winter weather that we had this weekend I spent 2 hours getting into the city this morning after I spent 2o minutes chipping ice off my car. I was late for a supply teaching gig at a new school ( not such a good first impression) and the parked in the wrong lot and got a ticket. It was not such a good morning.

Happier things than winter storms and the frustrations that they cause are...
- treats in the mail from Lanie last week - she sent some great envelopes and a cute note and I am horrible for not thanking her earlier. Thank You
- spinning up the roving that I got at Rhineback.
- being on the last ball of wool for the felted baby blanket.
- getting my SP packages into the mail with the completed annoying lacy scarf included
- asking for a spinning wheel for Christmas and having P look into finding one, plus he dug out his camera so I can play with some black and whites here on the farm in my copious amount of free time. I did have an abundaunt amount of free time but it seems to be getting eatin up and I am not sure where it's going.
- Getting all my Xmas shopping finished, wrapped and in the mail + I only have some baking left = happy J.
- seeing RENT with an old friend and enjoying it even if it did get lousy reviews. No I have not seen HP 4 yet, no I can't believe it either, maybe this weekend.
- being able to babble on the internet about things that may or may not be relevant to the world at large and having it listen to me

And on a more exciting note, my youngest niece is 2 today, she enjoys waving to adoring fans, elmo and throwing cake but not eating it - ain't she sweet

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