Monday, August 23, 2004

First day

I made it... through my first day with my first class, well sort of. We let the monkeys come in today with their parents and stay for awhile, then we kicked them all out and went for lunch. I made it through the parents and the kids and am excited for tomorrow when I can wear regualer clothes and just have to deal withthe kids and not their parents too! Although I must say that all the parents were very well behaved and no one asked me to turn their son or daughter into a rocket sciencist in a year.

Happy that it's almost time to go home, 4 mintues and counting. Here's hoping that tomorrow goes as well as today did!


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Anonymous said...


It's Lexi - I saw Taiwan on the news. Is it as wet as they say? I tried calling you with the number you gave me, but it's not working :(
Here is my address so you can send me the book -

Alexis Orgera
47-17 Myungil-dong, 5th Floor Wonderland
Gangdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea 134 825

Talk to you sooner than later.

Miss ya, love ya