Thursday, August 5, 2004

feels like home

Okay so I am vacation and generally just being a lazy bum as a result... and lovin it! So yesterday I went to work to photocopy some stuff and then went to my local Starbucks and when I walked in they were playing Dar Williams ( one of my favorite musicians). It was like walking into a Starbucks at home, Dar Williams, a caramel frappucino and a good book, what more could I need.

Taipei is a lot like home, a lot more so than Seoul was and I am amazed and the differences. I mean yes I am in Asia and there are lots of cultural differences but I can get everything I want here (almost... clothes is an issue, they are ugly or to small).

Hmmm not much to tell you all about, the puppy is good, annoying but good... she definitely makes me rethink motherhood! Maybe I don't want little people. Speaking of little people my niece is officially ours to keep, Riley's adoption went through on Monday so my sister is stuck with her now, she is crawling and pulling herself up on things and generally driving my sister (who has a broken foot at the moment) crazy, in a good way of course. Riley seems to think that her age and developmental stages (she's 8 months) are not at all linked and is trying really hard to walk long before she is supposed to. Anyway needless to say every one is quite happy that the adoption is now official and they are all heading to Victoria this weekend to visit the grandparents.

Alright back to me, so I am still trying to get internet access at home, it is proving to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated and I probably won't have it till next week. I have no big plans for the coming week, I am hoping to get into the school to start setting up my classroom and such and maybe take another trip to the beach. It's really hot here and as a result I am not to motivated to do much except read in my nice air conditioned bedroom. Nights are better but then I am tired and then there is the puppy that adds to the equation, I can't leave her for to long so I either have to take her or come home to let her out. We'll see what happens, I'm sure I'll tell you all about anything exciting that I do do.

Time in the cafe is up. Be well

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Anonymous said...

so now Riley shows up in two places on the web! - your hotmail still bounces the photos - but she's very cute in them. Mailed your box today, all 15lbs! As to the puppy, perhaps you just need to condition him to repsond in a particular way, at a particular time - we have inadvertently conditioned Riley to expect that bedtime involves a story, a dry diaper, pajamas and then sleeping until morning - except that I didn't realize that the pajamas have to have feet AND long sleeves, or else they're not really pajamas to the baby brain and she just keeps screaming to get out of the crib. after almost 3 hrs of frustration finally figured it out and redressed the baby in pajamas with feet and arms and she was snoring in 3 minutes and hasn't moved since, so you just need to figure out what to condition the puppy to expect... when she takes me "here" I pee, and if I pee "there" something I don't like happens.... And in my world I will be turfing pajamas without feet or arms. Miss you, C.