Wednesday, June 3, 2009


First off thank you for your comments on my last post, I haven't had a chance to respond but I appreciate them. Lyn's memorial will be on Saturday and although I did look into trying to get to the west coast a few days earlier I could not of gone because the boys don't have passports, they don't even have birth certificates with their new last name. So I won't being going.

But I am heading to the coast on Monday for 2 weeks and am looking forward to the smell of the ocean and some time on the island.

Last week I went away for 3 whole days!I stayed in hotel, I ate out, I talked to other adults. It was great, but it wasn't a vacation. I went to do some training to help provide post adoption support in my county. Right now there are no established services for families after adoption and we definitely need some. So I went to take a class to be PRIDE trainer.

PRIDE - (Parent Resources for Information, Development, Education) is a great program that we took before we adopted, it is mandated in the province of Ontario. At the time I found the whole thing to be a bit of a waste of time, but now looking back and reviewing the material again a year later I feel really differently. It's a great program and does teach you a lot about how the system works and what it may be like to be a parent of kids from the system.

One of the movies that you watch during PRIDE is Multiple Transitions, it's great. (You can watch it here or click the link). It talks about the journey children go on as they enter into care and begin to move around. It is a journey my boys went on, it's sad but at the same time a compelling piece.

PS Thanks Lisafor posting the link!

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