Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random wed - on wed - how novel.

  • I'm tired
  • We gave one of the dogs away last week. Bella was a sweet girl but if I has known that we were getting boys I never would of kept her last spring when I was selling the rest of the litter. I miss her but it is better and by all accounts she is doing great and happily chasing her new Papa all over the place.
  • The boys are having a really hard time with the fact that she left, they are not saying it but showing us with all sorts of brilliant and exhausting ( for me) behaviour.
  • I should be making dinner.
  • It is really windy today and I keep having to fix the clothes on the line
  • Much of the vegetable garden is in, my room can almost stop being a greenhouse.
  • I am going to away ( without my boys) next week to do some training to help provide some much needed post adoption support in my county. I am excited.
  • We are leaving for Victoria in 18 days - boys are excited - I get exhausted just thinking about them contained in a plane for 6 hours. There is no amount of coffee that can give me the energy I will need that day.
  • I am looking very forward to being near my ocean for awhile, I miss my ocean when we are apart and yes it is my ocean, the rest of you can share it if you like but it is mine.
  • There has been some knitting on a Tomten jacket I started last summer but I picked up other needles to knit the sleeves and the gauge is looser, I am trying to decide whether to frog the sleeve or just live with it loose.
  • I have also been knitting finger puppets and socks that I have also been knitting since last summer.
  • I want to be knitting a shawl or something else just for ME!
  • JoVE is dangerously close to actually moving here to my end of the world and I am excited to have her around the corner in country terms
  • Other fabulous women are planning on moving this way this fall and that really excites me as well.
  • School is almost done which excites and terrifies me at the same time. I am done with lunches and homeowrk and teachers.
  • It is my nephews 7th birthday today, when did that happen, isn't he still just a little.
  • The boys keep harassing me and calling me so I guess that means I really should move on to making something to feed them. THe fresh air diet doesn't seem to be filling up their tummies.
  • I got a fabulous mothers day gift from this etsy shop, it's really cute, I also have some of her earrings that say knit and purl. She's local and that makes it even better.
  • I'll be back later when my children have been fed a few meals

PS - I mailed my boys someI love you cards this week, it was reallly cute to see their faces when they figured out that I had sent them mail. It wasn't my idea but I'll take the credit.

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