Friday, November 14, 2008


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well I can't seem to blog! sad but true for some reason blooger will no longer play on my home home computer and unless I go through flickr there is no way to tell you anything. I have all these great stories and stuff to share and yet I can't get it out here. Has anyone else had trouble with blogger or is it just poor little old me. I am thinking about switching to typepad... but not sure how to import all the old stuff over there.

Anyway here's a funny for the day! In the car last week P was explaining to the boys that during hunting season it is really important that they stay in the yard right around the house and not going playing in the fields around the house (normally they have free run of the place). So he explains that a hunter may mistake their movements for a deer and shoot them, or they may just be in the wrong place and get hurt - to which Fudge pipes up - yeah but they would say they were sorry!

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